Are You Leaking?


We've all had those days where nothing has gone right. One incident builds on the next and before we know it, we're in the most foul, dark mood, yet we want to find solace in our writing. We sit down in front of the computer and take a look at where we are in our latest project and decide, okay, this is my time and I'm going to enjoy it! We try to escape into the story, but it still doesn't feel right. Maybe you're supposed to be writing a happy scene, or a love scene and your characters keep deteriorating into bickering. Perhaps that tender scene you had envisioned in your mind isn't … [Read More>>]

Writing Every Day Isn’t Enough


I'm a subscriber to David Farland's Daily Kick, a delightfully informative newsletter he sends out every day without fail. Many times his advice coincides with something Wendi and I are working on at any given moment. Kinda spooky, but the validation that we're doing something right is always welcome. In the past two emails he mentioned how Heinlin's Rules for Writing didn't work for 99% of the writing population. The first time I read it, I didn't think much of it. One of those "Hm, I'll have to go look that one up later" things—which I promptly forgot as I moved on to something else. But … [Read More>>]

“You talk too much!” — The Newbie’s Quick Guide to Dialogue

Crowd of People Talking - Blah

When writing fiction you need to know exactly how much reality to inject into your story for your audience to achieve that moment of lift-off into the realm of suspended disbelief. One of the fastest ways to kill that mood happens the moment your characters open their mouths. Dialogue is a strange beast. On the one hand, we need to follow the rules of grammar, but on the other, not everyone speaks perfect English on a daily basis. Come to think of it, I don't know of anyone, except for maybe the Queen Mother, who speaks perfect English. Writing good dialogue takes practice. Good dialogue … [Read More>>]

6 Valuable Tips for Getting Your Book Into Your Local Library

Clark County Library

This past Saturday I made a trip over to the Clark County Library (CCL). We’ll be participating in a book fair there in March. I understood from the application that not only could local authors sell their books at the fair, but they could donate their books to the library. Sounded great, right? What author wouldn’t want to have their books listed in their local library system? Turns out there was some confusion. The application I was sent was for a different library and somehow in the email exchanges, I had gotten signed up with the book fair going on at the same time with CCL. I met … [Read More>>]

What My Cats Taught Me About Nurturing My Inner Writer

What My Cats Taught Me About My Inner Writer

A while back David Farland wrote a post about Keeping Writers As Pets. The post was written not for the writers, but for everyone else around them, reminding them of the things writers need from family and friends to keep going. That's when I took a look at my cats. Actually, it was kind of … [Read More>>]

Your NaNo Survival Guide


Every year on November 1st, writers numbering in the thousands plunge into a grueling writing challenge called National Novel Writing Month. Not familiar with it? The idea is to buckle down and write a novel in one month. Like any endurance challenge, you need a plan if you're going to survive it. … [Read More>>]

The Great Race To The Bottom

The Great Race to the Bottom

When it comes to pricing digital books indie authors have screwed themselves over. Everyone is so desperate to get themselves noticed, they keep slashing their prices, driving them down, devaluing their work. This makes it harder for new authors entering the self-publishing arena to price their … [Read More>>]